Welcome to the Vic Park Seventh-day Adventist Church website! 

The Vic Park SDA church is a multicultural church located in the city of Victoria Park, Western Australia. Our passion as a church is to be a safe place where anyone can grow in their relationship with God.

As a church, there are three simple foundations that define why we are here. They are: 

  1. Sharing and trusting in the unfailing word of God.  At the Vic Park SDA Church, we love the Bible and its unfailing message of truth and hope for our world. This truth is the reason why we are here and we strive to both share its message, and learn to trust it more.

  2. Nurturing one another. Faith is not designed to be a solo experience. God calls us to gather together and strengthen one another. At Vic Park SDA Church, we strive to be a place where you can make life-long relationships that nurture your walk with God.

  3. Bringing hope to our community. Christianity isn't just about going to church. It's about so much more. God has called us to bring the hope of His love to everyone around us. At Vic ParkSDA Church, we aim to be not just a place of gathering but a place of hope for all.



Originally from the United States, pastor Marcos now lives in Perth with his wife Candice and their two boys. Pastor Marcos believes that the heart beat of scripture is a revelation of God's love and is passionate about inspiring others to reflect that love in the way they live and relate to one another. Jesus is the center of his vision and he aspires to lift Him up in everything he does. Pastor Marcos is also a huge believer in making himself redundant by training and empowering the church to fulfill its mission - a mission focused on telling the story of God.

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