Our Mission: Sharing and Trusting in the unfailing word of god. nurturing one another. bringing hope to our community.

Our Vision: a safe place to grow with god.

Two of our main goals at Vic ParkSDA are:

  1. To plant a new church within the next 10 years. God has given us a story to tell and called us to "go and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19). So as a church, we have embraced the challenge to spread that story by planting a new church in the next ten years. Until then, we will be training and equipping one another to build God's kingdom!

  2. To become a center of influence with a focus on holistic health. As Adventists, we believe that ministering to the health of others is the way of Jesus. When He was on the earth He showed love and sympathy by healing. But health is not just about the body, it involves all of who we are! At the moment, we are running a Healthy Cooking Class every first Sunday of the month and in the future we would love to run Depression and Anxiety Recovery programs, Addiction Recovery groups, Men and Women's support groups, Family Ministries, Financial Freedom classes, Evangelism Training and more!

However, in order to meet these goals, we need others to get involved! So if you are looking for a church to get involved in, consider joining us!

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the above areas or in some other area you have seen on this site, please fill out the form to the right. 

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As a Christian community, the Vic ParkSDA Church practices the spiritual act of giving. This act is given to us by God, not because He needs our resources, but because in giving we become more like Him - the greatest Giver of all - we alleviate the sufferings of others, and we invest in building His eternal kingdom through the spread of the gospel throughout the world. 

To the right are some of the ways in which Adventists engage in social-service and humanitarian work throughout the world. You can also support the Vic Park SDA local church community in its mission to spread the gospel and serve the city of Victoria Park.