The Vic Park SDA Church is a church committed to growth. We want to be the kind of faith community where anyone can walk in from any background and be able to go on a simple, at-their-own-pace and easy to navigate journey in their walk with God. The journey begins with the beginners Bible class also known as the "Seekers Class". Here, students are immersed in the simple and breathtaking beauty of scriptures narrative. The class covers the overarching story of the Bible in 30 easy to follow lessons. Our class meets at 9:30 AM every Saturday. Come in anytime and join us!


The FAST class is the next step in your spiritual journey. Here, you will learn how to live the Christian life and explore topics like how to pray, how to study the Bible and how to build the kingdom of God using your own unique gifts and talents. Our class meets at 9:30 AM every Saturday. Come in anytime and join us!


Every 3 months, the Vic Park SDA Church Bible classes go through a new study topic. The topics can range from the good news of salvation to finances, prophecy and many others. The objective is to create a space where we can all grow and be challenged in our walk with God - to be fully equipped to live for Him and His mission. Our classes meet at 9:30 AM every Saturday. Come in anytime and join us!


Want to improve your health and eat some good food while you are at it? The Living Better Network hosts a Vegan Cooking class that does just that. The class meets at 4:00 PM on the 1st Sunday of every month. For more information, click here.


Everything at the Vic ParkSDA Church has a purpose. Our Worship Gatherings are no different. Their purpose is to glorify God together and to be encouraged to walk closer to Him throughout the week. As a result, our pastor focuses on preaching sermon series that empower us to do just that. Each sermon is recorded and can be accessed via the Podcast below. Join us live for the messages at 11:00 AM every Saturday.