Church Officers

Welcome to the Church Officers page! This page contains all the information you will need as a church officer including job descriptions and the latest Nominating Committee Report.


Job Descriptions

One of the most frustrating parts of taking a new office is not knowing what is expected of you. At Vic Park, we want to get rid of that stress. We do this by hosting a "Leadership Handover Meeting" every year to transition new officers into their roles and give them opportunities to meet with outgoing officers and gain some wisdom from them. However, if you missed the meeting or need extra help, the following PDF's explain officer roles in good detail:

Nominating Committee Report

Click here to access the approved 2018-2019 Nominating Committee Report.

training resources

If you want to learn how to give Bible studies, make sure you join the Seekers Class every Sabbath at 9:30 AM in the hall. These classes offer members the opportunity to teach the Bible in a safe, hands-on environment.

Those seeking to learn how to share their faith, join the FAST class, also held in the hall every Sabbath from 9:30 AM. The class teaches students how to grow in their relationship with God and do the work of evangelism.

For upcoming training events, check out our news page.